I’m a big believer that great wines come from great sites, farmed well and made with authenticity.

-Ehren Jordan, Winemaker

Winemaker Ehren Jordan began his career with a two-year apprenticeship in the Rhone, followed by years of making wines for Neyers Vineyards and Turley Wine Cellars. Ehren and Anne-Marie Failla founded Failla in 1998 and since then have built a winery and caves in St. Helena, as well as a reputation around a growing portfolio of wines that include Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays influenced by Ehren’s viticultural training in France. In 2008, the San Francisco Chronicle named Ehren “Winemaker of the Year.” Ehren took interest in our project when he visited the vineyard in the summer of 2013 and today we are fortunate to have our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay crafted with his expertise.

Great Wines Come From Great Sites

Great wines are made in the vineyard and manifest a sense of place – this is the philosophy that inspires our wine making practices.  Our goal is to create an authentic wine that expresses the character and nuance of our unique vineyard site.  With 8.7 acres of Pinot Noir and 1.3 acres of Chardonnay yielding typically 2 tons per acre, wines are made in small lots with a non-interventionist style of wine making.  Nothing is added to the wine: no yeast, nutrients, or other additives – just a small amount of sulfur dioxide to stabilize the wine at bottling.  Hand sorting, native yeast fermentation, hand punch-downs, no fining, no filtration – these practices retain a pure and transparent expression of the vineyard site.

Cool temperature night picks at harvest preserve the character of the fruit.

Dave and crew hand sorting in the vineyard at harvest

Farming Practices

Honored and humbled to be momentary stewards of this land that is our home, our mission is to tread lightly while providing meticulous care to the vineyard. Every shoot on every vine is touched many times during the growing season – pruning, training, lateral removal, fruit thinning, and every other aspect of vine maintenance is performed by hand. Daily attention to the care of the vines enhances their well-being, as well as ours. We implement a comprehensive farming program to achieve optimal vine health and fruit quality, adopting best practices from organic, sustainable and biodynamic farming disciplines. This commitment, in concert with soil, sun and rain, produces an authentic expression of what Mindego Ridge’s unique terrior has to say.