Multi-State Shipping

Mindego Ridge offers convenient shipping options to customers who said they plan to ship to multiple states. This option is available when you create a user account on our website.

Shipping to California

Mindego Ridge provides direct shipping to California residents. Simply use our online store to place your order.

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Shipping Outside of California

Due to complicated laws surrounding the shipment of wines to states other than California, Mindego Ridge does not ship wine directly to residents of other US states. Instead, we work with a service called Vinoshipper to make our wines available outside of California.

Vinoshipper Store and Shopping Cart

Mindego Ridge on Vinoshipper

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ship to multiple states?

To ship wines to California, use our online store to add products to your shopping cart. When you're ready to complete your order, use the checkout to input your credit card and shipment address. 

To ship outside of California, you must go through Vinoshipper. You can go to our Ship Wine Outside of CA page to see the wines we're currently selling through Vinoshipper, add them to your Vinoshipper cart, and checkout using their system. You may also go directly to our page on Vinoshipper's website and purchase our wines there.

Can I place a single order with some items going to one state and others going to another?

No. At this time, we cannot accept orders with multiple shipping addresses.

Do you offer shipping to all US states?

Vinoshipper is able to provide shipment to most US states, but not all. To see which states are available, please visit our Ship Wine Outside of CA page.

Do I need a special account to ship to multiple states?

No. While our website provides a special account type for users who wish to ship both within and outside of CA, this account type only provides an easier-to-navigate experience. Any registered user in California can purchase wine through our online store, and any resident of the states that Vinoshipper provides service to can purchase wine through their system.

I signed up for a regular customer account, but would like to upgrade my account to a multi-state account. What can I do?

Use this form to upgrade your account.

Can I sign up for your Allocation Program through Vinoshipper?

Yes! We now offer our allocation program through Vinoshipper. Please visit our allocation program page to sign up!

Do I need to create an account on Vinoshipper?

No, you may check out as a guest through their website. Creating an account will allow you to more easily order in the future, however.